Welcome to Mukz trading strategies. Our goal is to educate you about the markets and to help you find a trading strategy that compliments your personality. We will teach you the learning curve in trading stocks and stock options based on simple price action principles and spreads to help minimize risk against your trades while still guaranteeing profitable returns. Browse through our website to find out more about us and fill out a form located on the contact tab informing us about yourself, trading experience(beginner - pro) and goals you wish to accomplish as a trader. Once we receive your information, a team member will contact you with a recommendation on which subscription will be best for you based on your current experience level and goal.


Trading Strategies.



    After years of trading and failing even though I was studying YouTube videos and books, I realized that there was more to trading than just understanding the fundamentals. Emotions play a big part in the successes and failures of a trader. Knowing how to execute a trade is one thing but knowing the right moment to execute, sit, wait for the price and set-up without letting your personal feelings interfere is the most important thing you can do as a trader. Of course, all of this is easier said than done which is why I am offering this platform to you so you can learn these strategies with me. I do not at any point consider myself a professional trader or an expert per say, for I am still learning and my mentors who have helped me get where I am, are also still learning themselves.

      This is a forever learning field for the markets change every day and it is your duty as a trader to keep up with the markets. With this service, I will first test your risk tolerance via a website I use and then teach you how to size your trades based on your account capital, teach you how to manage your stop losses and wins based on price action only, and teach how and why it’s important to sit on your hands when nothing makes sense to you. Click on the subscribe button to figure out which subscription (Trading Strategies & Earnings) service works best for you. I know the website sounds like its only for people who have an idea what trading is but i also work with absolute beginners and have resources to familiarize them with basic information and terms in regards to trading.

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For beginners with absolutely no trading experience, we have a special program that will walk you through account opening, market terminology and trade execution. The platform will also have other benefits that are geared towards teaching and testing you before you actually start trading. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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For those of you who love the 50/50 gambling game of earnings, this section is just for you. I will conduct a thorough research on companies that I feel and believe have the most momentum to help you better your chances of multiplying your money. This is a high risk section so please proceed with caution.!!

Note: You'll receive a password in your email once your payment has been processed!




I will also be posting books and other resource materials that contain strategies from some of the best people to ever do it. My educational videos and tutorials will demo how I pick my watch list to the triggered trades. Every now and then I'll have free informational webinars to attract unsubscribed members.