My name is Norman and I am the founder of Mukz trading strategies. I have been trading for the last five years now and during my five years of  trading, i have discovered that a sound psychological analysis along with a personalized trading system can yield impressive results for even inexperienced traders. I remember my first trade like it was yesterday, I bought AAPL(apple) stock option calls for $27 and the next thing i knew, they were worth approximately $800 within the next day. I immediately fell in love, so I sold the position out of excitement and bought more stock option calls in the same company and within a few hours they were worthless. That made me take a step back and I became very inquisitive; I halted my trades and started doing more research because I had only been given some basic information by the person who introduced me to trading. (buying, selling, setting limit orders etc.)

        Apart from that I knew absolutely nothing about trading. So, after I felt that I had accumulated enough knowledge, I started trading again but then quickly realized I was missing out on most of the profits because I would get overly excited when my P/L (profit & losses) was green and was holding on to my losers hoping my "prediction" was right. I know a lot of you are here now or have been here before and I want to tell you that it's okay. It's not too late for there are endless opportunities in the stock market. I was blessed with mentors who showed me "the secret passage" although I am still learning, I have been getting a lot of requests to teaching people so I figured I'd make a website and have people subscribe based on which level they are trying to learn and be educated. You will have various options of mentorship programs and an option to trade with me live via a chat service that I'll provide. Thank you I hope my services will be a worthy investment for you.

Above is a screenshot of the trades I described in the paragraph.